. about

I am a front-end developer first and a designer second.
I am detail-oriented, yet see the bigger picture of problems and projects.
I am the glue, working closely with both designers and back-end engineers in a team environment.
I work with conscious businesses, large or small, with a drive to succeed in today's ever-changing business environment. From rapid prototyping user interfaces to adding features to compliment existing designs.
I am imperfection in motion.

. awards & roles

- Salesforce Innovation Day - Most Innovative Team
- AT&T Super Mobility Week - Connect Car Challenge
- AT&T Super Mobility Week - Accelerator Award

- Workshop Speaker at CODE.org annual events
- Co-Organizer and Workshop Teacher for Las Vegas Girl Develop It Chapter

. skillz

- HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS
- Sketch App, Invision, Photoshop, Illustrator, Webflow
- IDE (Atom or VSCode), CodeKit, Github